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Posted June 14, 2018

Cape Cod Construction Crew Saves Ducklings

Nine baby ducks were rescued after falling through a drain nearby a construction crew that was working on Main St in Falmouth. The crew was working on a restoration project in Falmouth, Cape Cod when the ducklings went into the drain.

Posted June 01, 2018

Bourne Landfill Closing

Todd Duffany and Mike Duffany were interviewed by the Bourne Enterprises Michael J. Rausch about the Bourne Landfill Closing. This impacts Cape Cod Home Builders, Remodelers, and Cape Cod Homeowners.

Posted March 30, 2018

Todd Duffany Speaks Up For Athletic Fields

When Todd isn't managing a Cape Cod kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, he is out working in Falmouth community. Recently, he was interviewed by the Falmouth Enterprise regarding the drainage issue at the Sandwich Road field.